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Transformative Technology that Enables Brands to Participate in the Circular Economy 

Grow  your brand and kick single-use plastic to the curb with SipSlide, the Holy Grail of reclosable beverage packaging. Our 100% recyclable solution delivers the sustainability brands need and the reclosable convenience consumers demand


The Functionality  Consumers Want

SipSlide can lids are easy-open, reclosable, liquid-tight and spill-proof.  They're perfect for on-the-go Millennials and Zoomers, who want convenience and will pay a premium for it.


SipSlide is great for outdoor adventures, commutes, school lunches, concerts, the office, and bars/restaurants!

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The Sustainability the Planet Needs

With only 9% of all plastic packaging being recycled (compared to 50% of aluminum), consumers are demanding aluminum packaging as they seek more sustainable solutions.


SipSlide is bringing functional, sustainable packaging to consumers without the use of planet-harming plastic.


Spill and Leak-Proof


100% Recyclable and Plastic-Free


Scalable and Low-Cost


Easy to Use

Direct Replacement for Current Lids

Simple and Intuitive

SipSlide can lids are as easy to use as standard "pull-tab" lids.  Simply lift the handle to break the seal, slide open to drink the beverage, and slide back to reclose (then open/reclose over and over again!). 


Built for Scale

SipSlide reclosable lids are designed for scale.  Our experienced engineering team has partnered with industry-leading can manufacturers and production equipment OEMs to develop a product that readily scales for high volume production into billions of units.

  • SipSlide is designed to be easily manufactured with existing can industry tooling and equipment

  • Lids are a direct drop-in replacement with smooth feeding on all can filling lines

  • Uses industry-standard FDA-approved coatings and materials

Join the Circular Economy with SipSlide

What is the Circular Economy?  Why does it Matter?

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Simply put, the circular economy is the future of all consumer goods.  The time is now to transition from a Linear Economy (starting with inputs and ending with waste) to a Circular Economy where recycled and reclaimed materials are the new inputs. 

Why Use SipSlide?

Only 9% of plastic packaging is recycled, while over 50% of aluminum is reused.  SipSlide allows brands to “close the loop” by providing a 100% recyclable solution with the reclosability of plastic.  Our one-of-a-kind innovation is built with the planet in mind.  See more about our sustainability and recyclability initiatives here .


Be Part of the Solution

Millennials and Zoomers are seeking sustainable, on-the-go packaging solutions, and over 80% of younger consumers say they will pay more for sustainable packaging.


SipSlide works with beverage brands across multiple categories to provide scalable, sustainable reclosable packaging. Market testing is beginning in the second half of 2023.


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