SipSlide - The Scalable, Sustainable Alternative to Plastic Bottles

SipSlide is a 100% aluminum, reclosable end that can be seamed onto beverage cans using size 202 ends. It's a drop-in alternative for standard pull-tab can ends. 

Functionality of PET...

SipSlide is the world's first 100% aluminum reclosable can end built on a standard end shell.  It uses the same basic opening tab that consumers are used to, but with an innovative rotating shutter that allows the can to open and reclose liquid tight.

...Minus the Guilt

Cans are far more likely to get recycled than plastic bottles and consumers know it. Consumers will love the added convenience SipSlide offers and feel good about using a more environmentally friendly package!


Low Opening Force 


Simple, Robust Mechanism






Manufacturable at



Drop In Solution for Fillers

Lift and Slide to Open, Then Slide to Reclose

SipSlide opens new possibilities for consumers who want a lightweight portable alternative to PET containers or costly aluminum bottles. Whether it’s enjoying the outdoors, working at a desk or driving a car, SipSlide keeps pace with today’s active consumers minus the worries about spills or unwanted objects getting into drinks. 


Simple Design,
Serious Engineering

There has long been an interest in making beverage cans reclosable, yet few solutions are available. In cooperation with industry partners, SipSlide’s engineering team has successfully developed a reclosable end that meets industry performance, reliability, sustainability and cost requirements. In contrast to other solutions that incorporate plastic, the SipSlide design is deceptively simple and consists of just four metal parts: end-panel, shutter, lever and tab handle.

  • Based on industry standard size 202 CDL end shells

  • All parts made from industry standard aluminum sheet

  • Straightforward manufacturing and assembly

  • Less than 10% more aluminum than a standard SOT end

  • Proven, certified industry coatings


Boost Store Sales

SipSlide ends (SSE) offers consumers a premium packaging option that is ideal for boosting single or multipack unit sales in C-stores and supermarkets. It is also well suited to stadiums, resorts, boating and beachfront areas where glass is prohibited and plastic is discouraged.

Drop-in Solution on Standard Filling Lines

SipSlide ends nest tightly just like standard ends with no physical contact between the shutter above, and tab handle below.  A sleeve of SipSlide ends contains the same number as the equivalent sleeve of traditional ends.


Equivalent Ends Per Sleeve


Curl to Curl Stacking


Standard Bagger & Debagger


Quick  Changeovers


Minor Seamer Changes


Development Status

Our team has 40+ years of combined beverage can industry experience and fully understands the speed, reliability and cost expectations of the industry.  We have consulted with numerous large beverage brands, can manufacturing engineers, materials experts and equipment specialists to guide and refine our design.  With extensive product engineering nearly complete, and strong commercial interest from 100+ brands, SipSlide will soon be launching a pilot manufacturing line followed by broader distribution via established can-makers.


Contact the SipSlide Team

SipSlide ends are currently only available in limited quantities, so priority in allocating samples is being given to select strategic beverage brand partners that are actively engaged in SipSlide commercialization efforts. Please let us know if you would like to be notified when samples are generally available.


Thanks! We will get back to you soon.